No fright

Improve your public speaking, prepare for challenging questions and learn the secrets of body language. If public speaking makes you insecure and nervous, it’s time to consult Vida Petrovčič.


Why choose Vida Petrovčič?


Vida Petrovčič is a NLP Coach with an international license from the ICF (International Coach Federation) NLP COACH. Since 2005 she has been engaged in personal and team coaching, business education, marketing consulting, learning rhetoric, public speaking and communication.

How can I help?

  • I help you write a good speech.
  • I teach you the secrets of marketing and other texts for each type of audience.
  • I teach you the basics of rhetoric.
  • I discover how you will remember longer content and tell it freely.
  • I help you make a short and concise presentation.
  • I help you build a presentation for online media.
  • I record your voice and help you improve your pronunciation.
  • I introduce you to basic speech exercises.
  • I tell you what you are communicating with your body language, what with facial expressions and what with your chosen outfit.
  • I record your performance several times, the video and sound track remain your property to you.
  • I teach you to answer unpleasant questions from audiences and journalists.
  • We perfect your public appearance.
  • I prepare you for a successful presentation of your term paper, exam content and diploma.

Your public appearance

  • Your public appearance will become sovereign, ready for the most unpleasant questions and for unforeseen events.
  • You will successfully prepare for your diploma defense and presentation in your job search.
  • You will discover the secrets of body language.

Book a consultation

If you have a lump in your throat and butterflies in your stomach before each public appearance, if you bathe in your own sweat, if you cannot remember how to start your presentation and how you would end it, if you are disturbed by the audience, then you are ready for personal consultation with Vida Petrovčič.